Heating System Cleansing ("powerflushing") to improve efficiency, reduce system noise, code spots and saving you money!

Power Flushing, What is it?

"Power flushing" is the expression used in the heating trade to denote the process by which the radiators, pipework and sometimes boiler are forcibly cleaned using water at high velocity but at a low pressure, so that no damage to the system occurs.

A powerflushing machine with a powerful pump is connected to the heating circuit to enable a high flow rate of water into the heating circuit which can effectively purge the system of sludge, scale and other corrosion products.

  • Powerflush central heating systems to
    remove corrosion debris, sludge and scale
  • De-scale boilers
  • Overcome boiler noise and circulation problems
  • Clean a system with just ONE visit to site
  • Fully acid resistant
  • High temperature operation and enable faster cleaning

Once the debris and sludge have been mobilised the power flushing machine pump forcibly expels it from the system using a high velocity of fresh water.

To make the process even more effective chemicals are often added depending on the system type and nature of the problem.

Why do I need a Power Flush?

Black metal oxide sludge (rust) build up in your central heating system over a period of time is inevitable - especially if the system water is left untreated of any chemicals such as a inhibitor.

When the sludge in a heating system starts to build up typical problems are:

  • Radiators cold at the bottom
  • Radiators cold at the top and need frequent bleeding
  • No heat distribution to the radiators or very poor
  • Boiler cutting out
  • Noise from boiler
  • Poor or no hot water
  • High Fuel Bills
  • Boiler failure

Sludge will seriously effect the efficiency of a system which will lead to higher fuel bills and premature failure of a boiler and other heating components such as valves and pumps.

Before Power Flushing
After Power Flushing

The Solution and long term protection

Power flush is the most proven method to make sure your central heating system is flushed to a standard that exceeds BS7593.

Using the powerful Fernox power flushing machine in conjunction with a Magnaclean filter connected to the heating circuit it is possible to eliminate sludge from your central heating circuit and restore heat, efficiency, protection and cut your fuel bills!

Once your system is sludge free we add a rust inhibitor at the correct dosage to give your system long term protection.


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